Tapping into your emotional guidance: Full Moon in Cancer



The full moon in Cancer arrived a week into 2023! In general, a full moon is a time of cultivation and brings awareness to our emotional selves. It is a call for release and balance. So the Cancer Full moon arrived just in time at home to TLC (tender, love, and care) for our bodies and feelings.

Full Moon in Cancer 16˚22’ on Jan 7, 2023, at 7:09 am HKT.

Capricorn season is usually a social time for many people: parties and gatherings, FaceTimeing and texting during this season. It is also a time when we plan our year ahead. So much cardinal energy of go go go, it’s easy to run ourselves thin. However, the moon at home in Cancer reminds us to check in at the base with the self. If we think about it: the body is the home of your soul. If you don’t vibe with the soul, your body is the border of your inner self to the outer world. It is where everything happens. So check in with your body.

Spend time at home, meditate, and hang out with yourself. You may have many plans, and are your feelings aligned with your goals? If they don’t, how can you bring more balance to that? What needs to change?

This is also a time we hear predictions, advice, and opinions about the world. True or not. It is worth repeating: no one sees the world accurately as it is. Just as how everyone has had a different living with the pandemic experience. And an optimist and a pessimist rarely experience opportunities in identical ways.

And each experience was correct.

While each experience was valid, it also tells us that we can’t see the world as it is. So it is essential to ask: “Do what they say apply to what I know about myself and my feelings?”

What works for other people may not work the same way for you. Connecting and experimenting with your instincts help you filter out what is helpful for us.

Not the “correct” way, but your way, the useful to you way. It’s easy to forget our feelings in the name of achievements and follow along with what others say. The Cancer full moon allows us to remember the self and intuitive knowing.

By knowing how we feel, we are equipped to dance with the chaotic events in the world. This full moon trine Neptune and opposite Mercury square Chiron. So what comes up for you may be confusing, uncomfortable, raw, awkward, and conflicting with your mind. But life is like that. It’s complex. It contains competing narratives. The full moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus. it reititarates: A real breakthrough requires you not to abandon yourself and be honest with your difficult feelings. So you know you’re advancing with not just parts of yourself but your whole self.