Natal Chart Analysis HKD780/USD100 (90 mins)

This is great for people who are new to astrology. We look at things from the ground up, and to your current cycle. Together we look at the complexity of your being, your strengths, and your challenges. And we lay down the groundwork and explore new ways to relate to yourself and in your relationships. Our goal is that you will understand yourself more with more compassion and start showing up for yourself differently.

Intuitive Astro Reading HKD600/USD76 (90 mins)

In this hour, we discuss any topic that is on your mind. We will hold space for whatever comes up. The session is great for people who have done a reading with me or know their chart well and would like to discuss a specific topic.

Solar return / Yearly reading / Birthday HKD1000/USD125 (60 mins)

Happy birthday! We sit down and look at where you are now and the upcoming year. I use different astrology techniques such as the Solar Return chart, Transits, and Progression to forecast your year ahead. This session is a great way to check in with yourself, the progress you have made and prepare for what is ahead. You don’t have to do it on the exact day of your birthday, and you will feel more prepared for your new year.

One question reading
HKD350/USD45 (30 mins)

The best way to know the future is to create it, but sometimes we need the extra support to decide. Should I take that job? Is this relationship over? While I can’t decide for you, Astrology can provide details surrounding the potential of a situation; this reading is excellent for you if you need additional celestial data to make a more informed decision.

This service is also available for Tarot reading. This service is only available on Zoom or by phone.

Parties and Events

Are you looking to create wonderful team-building activities?

Mini-astrology readings are fun and memorable ways to create deeper bonds and entertain your guests. Bring astrology to your birthday party, evening hang out, company party, or special events.

My current rate is HKD600/hour. For live events which require me to travel, my minimum booking is 2 hours for a rate of $1200.

Or if you have something else in mind, please email me with more information about your event for a quote.