Making sense of the mystery: full moon inVirgo


So much is going on this March. On March 7, we arrive at the full moon in Virgo. And a full moon tends to bring up emotional events so we can become aware and adjust.

The Full Moon in Virgo is about bringing order to chaos. It invites us to support your dreams by participating in the steps it takes to get you there. It’s a great time to get organized for what is up ahead, lining up your ducks and affairs by spotlighting the tangible consolidation in work, health, and daily habits.

Sun in 16˚ Pisces opposite Moon in 16˚ Virgo at 8:40 pm HKT.

This full moon feels like a season finale because Saturn enters Pisces an hour after the full moon. It’s a big energy shift. Saturn has been in Aquarius since March 2020. We might see something big happening globally or in your personal life.

The Virgo full moon t-square Mars in Gemini. you can get hyperactive and impatient like things are not happening fast enough, triggering emotional upsets in your relationships. But it also gives us the drive and assertiveness to make things happen. Mars square Neptune, mysterious action, can also bring up feelings of doubt and discouragement or blaming others or victimizing yourself. Their motive might be unclear and make you feel vulnerable, but the better way to cope is to know your motivation and values and take responsibility for your action.

The full moon also trines Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of unusual and unexpected so that it can bring up unpredictable events or upsets. The best way to work Uranus is to improvise — Be open to unexpected change — the upset it brings may help you shift your perspective in seeing your world in a whole new way.

Saturn and Pluto are both at their last degrees. We may feel the urge to rush through, move on, let ourselves off the hook, and take out of the psychic trash — but it’s worthwhile, under this discerning full moon in Virgo, to say: Hey, What’s in that bag?

Working with this Full Moon in Virgo:

The Virgo is the sign of digestion, health and wellness, daily work, system, and being of service. Eat a healthy delicious meal

Clean your house reorganize your bookshelf or furniture
Organize your folders on your computer, or your phone.

Review the last 2.5 years How have you coped under uncertainties? Have you been giving yourself the protection and nourishment you need? How can I bring more support to my physical and spiritual health? What kind of spiritual work can I do in this world? What kind of service can I bring for others? Let us know what resonate with you or share with a friend who may need to hear this message.