Falling apart as an initiation — New Moon solar eclipse in Aries

4/19/20233 min read

This new moon is a lot. It's a second new moon, it squares Pluto, and it's also a solar eclipse. And a day later, Mercury retrograde.

But first, do not do any manifestation work under the eclipse! You don't plant seeds under a storm or do any yard work. Eclipses are wild cards; you don't know what will get, so please, be safe

Solar eclipses are supercharged new moons; they are emotional events. So emo. So sit with your feelings and be open to what the eclipse might bring are, IMO, the best approach

So this New moon solar eclipse occurs at 29˚50' on Apr 20, 2023, at 12:12 pm HKT.

It's rare to have two new moons sequentially in the same sign (it happens only about once every 2-3 years.) We had the last new moon in Aries at 0˚ and this new moon occurs at the last degree of the sign at 29˚50' of Aries.

In astrology, each sign's first or last degree has a special meaning. The 29th degree is called the aneractic degree. Symbolically, it represents the last chance for a planet to manifest the significations of the sign until that planet goes around the wheel again. It also means falling apart, destruction, and deterioration — not in the doom and gloom sense but more like a feeling of a change of season, or at 11:59 on the last day of the year. A sense of urgency and excitement comes with this New Moon.

And this new moon is in Aries again. So it's the renewal of the self. What is it that you're willing to let fall apart so you can start over anew? These are the topics to explore under this new moon solar eclipse.

The chart ruler is in Cancer; Mars can bring up the emotional drama with your nurturing parent, family, country, or inherited issues. But it also receives help with the Aries's new moon. You can allow our lunar nature of nurturing, feeling, and care to guide you. But this isn't a time to fix everything or to oppress them. You want to let the eclipse make a mess, unfold and reveal — what needs protection and nurturing, or cut ties for your new great beginnings.

But this new moon brings on an extra challenge because Pluto is involved. And Pluto reveals and also intensifies our hunger. So you may be obsessed. Depending on your personality, you might want to control and manipulate or to run away and hide from it. Remember, your strongest feelings are not your wisest feelings. So take some time off, go for a walk, call a friend, take a shower, and wait 36 hours before you act.

Are we done with this new moon? Not yet. Stationing Mercury conjunct Uranus. So communication is falling apart, and all you want to do is bounce and be free. Mercury retrograde starts on the next day. But the silver lining is that if you, unfortunately, feel the rash decision was a mistake, there is time to do it over during the retrograde time. But I wouldn't bank on that.

Solar eclipse in Aries + Pluto in Aquarius + Mercury in Taurus retrograde = destabilizing explosion. And, of course, it shows up differently for everyone. For some, compromise isn't negotiable, while it can feel like no option for others. But I can assure you that there are options, but it will require you to spend time with yourself and lean into your inner knowing. The energy invites you to get deep within yourself and reconsider your relationships with your values and vision. Get real with the mess and plan your big action with patience.

How to work with this new moon eclipse?

Because this is the second new moon, the Aries stuff still applies: moving the body, asserting yourself, and boundaries. We enter Taurus season just a few hours after the new moon, so it's a hybrid new moon; we don't work with it like the traditional new moon + Eclipse + Pluto + Mercury Rx. You know, it's a lot.

You may experience major conflict between your sensual vs. intellectual self or the need to stay the same vs. rebelling against everything. It's uncomfortable. So my recommendation is to clear your schedule and do nothing. Spend time with yourself. And make room for the Eclipse. But I know for many people, doing nothing is hard.

Avoid drugs, even the "spiritually opening" kind; you are getting so much you don't need to be more open. Have your emotional support kit ready. It might be getting enough sleep, stocking up with nurturing food, calling a friend, petting a dog, and being by the water. And if you can, offer helps to those who are in need.