A dramatic change of heart — full moon in Leo

2/5/20232 min read

Two weeks ago, the new moon in Aquarius showed us new visions and a need for revolution. We had a glimpse of what an alternative future can be. Now, two weeks later, the moon arrived at its polarity — a full moon in Leo invites us to take heart and gain the courage and confidence it takes to fulfill our visions.

As a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun, Leo isn’t shy from taking up space. Leo is flashy, creative, passionate, and intuitive. It governs the heart and the fifth sign of pleasure. So the Leo full moon is usually a good time, ruled by the Sun in Aquarius. It reminds us to come out to play, relax, see, and be seen.

Sun in Aquarius 16˚ 41’ opposite Moon in Leo 16˚41’ on February 6, 2023, at 2:29 am HKT.

This full moon is nerve-wracking; it forms a t-square to the disruptive planet Uranus. Uranus smashes us with unexpected events + the uncompromising Aquarius sun & flashy Leo Moon. It’s me vs. the group. With all the fixed energy, it brings emotional eruptions and is spelled D-R-A-M-A. It can bring crashes in your interpersonal relationships. You may feel that others are trying to dominate you, so you act out against their suggestions, but in resisting domination, you end up dominating others with your emo feelings.

It’s striking, but it doesn’t mean you can’t work with this energy. Leo rules the heart; you must honor your heart knowing with this full moon. The Leo full moon reminds us that we can’t shrink our ways to new possibilities. The energy is so powerful that it can bring changes to your life. Allow your heart to open, to touch your passion, honor your loving kindness and you will find an entirely new self than you thought you were.

Working with Leo Full Moon:

Express your love. Full moons are related to gratitude. When the moon is full in Leo, express your gratitude. Leo energy is expressive.

Do what you were too afraid to do. Leo moon is courageous. Aquarius Sun doesn’t give a shit about what other people think. Uranus is just wacky.

Embrace your loud inner weirdo. Shave your head; confess your love for spiders; take your dishes for a ride if that’s what your heart is telling you to do.

Go out and have fun. Be seen because you’re the lion! Meow! Roar!